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6 G-Mafia Records Tracks You Need to Listen Now!


6 G-Mafia Records Tracks You Need to Listen Now!

Yo, Guys! Ready to spice up your playlists with some sick tracks from G-Mafia Records? This label’s been dropping tracks that are straight fire, each with its unique flavor straight from the heart of electronic music’s most innovative producers. From chill vibes to tracks that’ll have you grooving all night, here’s the lowdown on some must-have additions to your music collection. 

Inzenze – “Free Spirit”

Dialing in from Mexico, “Free Spirit” serves up House with a side of energetic vocals and a bassline that won’t quit. Synths weave through your brain, setting this track up as the ultimate feel-good jam. Inzenze spills, “Inspired by Sci-fi hits like Interstellar and Blade Runner, I aimed to craft a journey from chill to thrill, all while nodding to my disco roots and my love for blending genres. After 5 years on the beat, I’m all in on EDM and House.”

DJ Quilla – “CoronTech”

Straight outta Germany, “CoronTech” is Tech House with a twist of afro rhythms, promising to keep you moving no matter what. DJ Quilla says, “It’s all about vibing through the pain with a beat that lifts you up. Influenced by Hip hop and Pop remixes, I’ve mixed in some Cumbia for that unique flavor, making this track your go-to dance anthem.” Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, DJ Quilla’s journey from a New Kids on the Block cassette to rocking clubs in Tampa, Florida, is a testament to his diverse musical roots and his mission to unite people through House music.

Jon Cerutti – “Carat Mind”

From the Swiss lands, “Carat Mind” drops Deep House with a bassline that stamps its mark, futuristic vocals, and a constant melody presence that sustains the track’s concept, inviting listeners into a melodious journey.

Bassner – “Silence”

French genius Bassner brings “Silence” into the Melodic House & Techno realm with a progressive bass and melodic elements that mesmerize, complemented by a robotic vocal that wraps the track in mystery and future vibes.

TXMBRR – “Bounce It”

Out of the USA, “Bounce It” takes Minimal/Deep-Tech to new heights with a defining synth and a continuous bass, layering mystery over a minimal masterpiece that’s a journey in itself.

DJ Prophet – “Hype The Funk” EP

This EP, hailing from the USA, features two Tech House tracks that are all about the groove. “Step In To The Party” echoes ’80s hip-hop vocals, while “Hype The Funk” builds its narrative around a striking sub-bass, with vocals that lead and enhance the groove.

Diggin’ these tracks? Fallow G-Mafia Records! 

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