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Lil Tato: Knees Deep in the Latin House Movement


Lil Tato: Knees Deep in the Latin House Movement

The house music waves over the reggaeton dance floors are rolling in, and Lil Tato is one that is dropping the vibrations from the coast of Mexico. Real name Santiago, Lil Tato produces a track about latin girls dancing to reggaeton, to send a message “to enjoy life with parties and friends while you still can, dance and enjoy, Perreo” 

So far Lil Tato has been showcasing his poignant latin house sound at big parties in Cancun, Mexico City, and Puebla, while making releases on Andruss’s Droplow label, Terms & Conditions, Delicious Recordings and most recently on Cereza Selecta. 

Lil Tato

When we asked Santiago about his current direction here is what he shared,

“I’m focusing very hard on Percussive Tech House music right now. I wanted to make a fusion between latin reggaeton music and this genre I LOVE. I really like artists like Gordo, Cloonee and Andruss. This movement of house music with latin vocals is going crazy.” 

Lil Tato is feeling the latin house craze first hand as his collaboration with Daveartt hit 100,000 streams. 

Some of you may be wondering, what is Percussive Tech House? Percussive tech house showcases a diverse array of sounds, encompassing deep basslines, dynamic kicks, rhythmic percussion, lush strings, and impactful FX such as atmospheres, impacts, risers, and sweeps.

If you are ever in Mexico and want to get knee deep in latin house music, find Lil Tato playing out or hit some the best clubs in Mexico Tato recommends: Salon Solin, Bestiario Tulum and Loo Loo.

Consider this article your guide in exploring more of this style of music that Lil Tato is pioneering by listening to artists that have inspired and supported him along the way such as Miami’s Ambrxse and Uruguay’s Facu Baez as well as the pool of great tracks from Lil Tato and more up on the Tech House Prime Selection “Los Cochinas” playlist.


“I like to live by the philosophy of focusing on myself and my own progress, not comparing to other artists because everyone has its own single path to success. If you keep staring at everyone else, you’ll never be able to grow as an artist.” –Lil Tato

Lil Tato

Stay tuned for Lil Tato has more releases full of percussions and latin flavor in the coming months…

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