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Klangsafari & Zach Mante Drop a Tech House Anthem with “Ocean”


Klangsafari & Zach Mante Drop a Tech House Anthem with “Ocean”

The electronic music world just got a massive boost with the drop of “Ocean” an electrifying first-time collaboration between Germany’s Klangsafari and Australia’s Zach Mante. This track is poised to become the ultimate banger for partygoers and clubbers.

“Ocean” stands out with its blend of haunting synth melodies, punchy drum lines, and a bassline that bangs hard, setting it apart in today’s electronic music vibe. It’s the kind of track that embodies the spirit of Tech House, packing an energy that’s contagious on any dance floor.

Klangsafari has been on the radar for exploring diverse sound textures in electronic music, while Zach Mante has made waves with his knack for dropping beats that grip you from the jump.

For those keen on diving deeper into their work, you can hit up their official Instagram profiles: Klangsafari (@klangsafari_official) and Zach Mante (@zachmante). There, fans can catch the latest on upcoming tracks, live gigs, and sneak peeks into the making of their music.

Ocean” is up for grabs on all major streaming platforms, released by brazilian label G-Mafia Records.

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