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Kick Off Your Week with “On the Roll” by PROGREZ via G-Mafia Records


Kick Off Your Week with “On the Roll” by PROGREZ via G-Mafia Records

Patrik Salčák, better known by his stage name PROGREZ, has just dropped his latest track, “On the Roll”. This release signifies a new phase in the DJ’s career, blending Tech House elements with ACID and Trap influences to create a unique and distinctive sound designed for big stages and festivals. 

PROGREZ, hailing from Slovakia, drew inspiration from his local culture, where Techno and ACID sounds are highly influential. Additionally, his experience as a Tech House DJ and the strong presence of Rap and Trap in his region played significant roles in the development of this track. “On the Roll” reflects this blend of styles and showcases the artist’s ability to explore and merge different musical genres. 

The creation process of “On the Roll” involved selecting and experimenting with various samples, pushing the traditional boundaries of music production. PROGREZ comments, “It was basically about finding good samples and pushing them to the limit.” This innovative approach results in a track that, despite lacking a deep meaning, is crafted to make people dance and enjoy the nightlife, with lyrics capturing the essence of the nightlife experience. 

One of the main inspirations for “On the Roll” was the sound of Walker & Royce, known for their innovative productions in the electronic music scene. PROGREZ also emphasizes the importance of not being afraid to experiment and combine different genres, a message he wants to convey to his listeners. “Don’t be afraid to experiment and combine genres,” advises the DJ. 

The entire production of “On the Roll” was done in Ableton, using recording techniques that allowed PROGREZ to fully explore his creativity. The fusion of Tech House, ACID, and Trap in the track is a testament to the artist’s ability to create something new and exciting. 

PROGREZ remains active in the club scene, performing every weekend. This year, he is set to headline the main stage at the Paradise Festival and the Sundance Festival in Slovakia, along with a potential trip to the Netherlands in August for a club performance. These events provide the DJ with the opportunity to share his new music with a broader and more diverse audience. 

Looking ahead, PROGREZ plans to release music that not only makes people dance but is also enjoyable to listen to outside the dance floors. He hopes that “On the Roll” will not only be well-received in live performances but will also gain traction on radio shows and live music events. 

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