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“Do It” by FNXTA from Mustache Crew Records is a Must-Add to Your Playlist


“Do It” by FNXTA from Mustache Crew Records is a Must-Add to Your Playlist

Alex Shtein, better known by his stage name FNXTA, presents his latest track, “Do IT”. This release marks a new phase in the DJ and producer’s career, blending Tech House elements with influences from his previous work in drum and bass, creating a unique and captivating sound. 

FNXTA, who holds a Master’s Degree in Music from the Amsterdam Academy, found inspiration while listening to a lot of Tech House while mixing DJ sets at live events and DJing on international radio podcasts. His extensive experience as a professional drummer, with performances at notable festivals and venues like Paradiso Amsterdam and Red Sea Jazz Festivals, also significantly influenced the creation of this track. “Do IT” reflects this blend of styles and showcases the artist’s ability to explore and merge different musical genres. 

The creation process of “Do IT” involved moments of unexpected direction changes that kept the work interesting. FNXTA explains, “Sometimes the track you’re working on and have an idea for suddenly turns in another direction, and that’s what makes creating a track interesting. It’s never a boring situation.” This innovative approach results in a track designed to make people dance and enjoy the party, with lyrics that support the beat and capture the essence of Tech House. 

FNXTA also collaborates with his wife, Keren Shtein, an amazing vocalist and painter. “When I need vocals, she can deliver what I need in 5 minutes! It’s a blessing!” Their prior collaborations made the process smooth and efficient. 

In Tech House, lyrics are less about words and more about supporting the groove. FNXTA notes that the lyrics of “Do IT” are meant to enjoy the party, with less drama and more groove, focusing on fat bass, tripping drums, drop downs, and build-ups that make the crowd love Tech House. 

The production of “Do IT” was done using Ableton 9, Line 6, and plugins like iZotope, Trilian SubLab, and Ohm Boys. FNXTA follows the philosophy of “less is more” in music production, often deleting unnecessary elements to maintain the track’s essence. 

FNXTA remains active in the music scene, with numerous live performances planned. “First of all, gigs, gigs, gigs! And again, gigs, gigs, gigs! That’s what makes an artist unbeatable!” He is also working on a remix of Linn Collins‘ hit “Rock Me Again” and has several upcoming releases planned. 

Looking to the future, FNXTA hopes that “Do IT” will be well-received by fans and gain traction on dance floors. He encourages his fans to support the artists they love, noting that even a like or comment can have a positive impact. 

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