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Sundholm’s ‘Forever’: The Story Behind This Single Released by G-Mafia Records


Sundholm’s ‘Forever’: The Story Behind This Single Released by G-Mafia Records

Sundholm, a Dance & EDM music producer from Stockholm, Sweden, presents his latest single, “Forever”. This release marks a new phase in the DJ and producer’s career, combining elements to create an impactful sound. 

Sundholm, who started uploading his productions to SoundCloud in 2013, found inspiration listening to a lot of mainstream music, especially recent tracks by David Guetta. This inspiration led him to the studio to produce several mainstage and club-ready tracks. “Forever” is one of these creations. 

The creation process for “Forever” involved moments of inspiration both in the studio and in nature. Sundholm comments, “I went to the studio creating multiple mainstage/club-ready tracks. ‘Forever’ is one of the tracks I created during this studio time. In general, when I produce electronic music, I am inspired by nature, which is why I always keep my laptop with me pretty much wherever I go. When you are visiting a new place and you get the feeling, you can always make some new songs.” This approach results in a track designed to make people dance and enjoy the party. 

The songwriting and recording process for “Forever” was straightforward and focused. Sundholm explains, “The songwriting and recording was very straightforward. When you create a mainstage/club song, it’s all about finding the right sounds and trying to mix and master it in the best way. I really felt like ‘Forever’ could fit the mainstage and the club, so that’s why I focused on completing the track.” 

“Forever” doesn’t feature any special guest appearances; it was written and produced entirely by Sundholm. There are no lyrics in the song, but the message is clear: “I want the people listening to this song to be ready for the party. ‘Forever’ is a track I produced for the mainstage and for the club. Not always do you need a vocal to sing to. Sometimes it’s nice with just a tight kick and bass with a catchy melody.” 

The production of “Forever” was done in FL Studio 21, using VSTs like Nexus, Sylenth1, Vital, and FLEX, along with various samples. Sundholm always produces with his laptop, allowing him to create music wherever he is. 

To promote “Forever”, Sundholm will primarily use online platforms and social media. He is also working on new tracks and looking for a label for these future releases. “I have already completed 4 other release-ready tracks and am working on my fifth production now. Currently, I am looking for a label for these tracks as well.” 

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