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Check Out “Like That,” the New Collab from Maude & SpinSpinBunny via Mustache Crew Records


Check Out “Like That,” the New Collab from Maude & SpinSpinBunny via Mustache Crew Records

Like That” is an immersive creation, with hypnotic vocals and a pulsating beat that transports listeners to an almost transcendental experience. Maude explains that the collaboration with SpinSpinBunny was sparked by his vocal ideas, which inspired a vision of a tech house track with primal energy. “His vocals resonated with a primal energy that we wanted to capture and expand upon,” said Maude. SpinSpinBunny was equally thrilled to work with Maude, recognizing his impressive production skills. “I was excited to work with Maude, since he already had so many great productions,” commented SpinSpinBunny. 

The track captures the feeling of being on the dance floor in front of a massive speaker, where the vibrations seem to take over your body. SpinSpinBunny highlights that the line, “The speakers they got you…” translates this unique experience they wanted to share with the audience. “We wanted to do something that focused on that,” SpinSpinBunny remarked, referring to the sensation of being enveloped in sound on the dance floor. 

The songwriting and recording process for “Like That” was a dance between light and dark, melody and rhythm. Maude and SpinSpinBunny exchanged ideas intensely, resulting in a track that combines mystery and depth. Maude used his beloved Serum synthesizer to create key elements of the track, while SpinSpinBunny brought his vocals quickly and spontaneously. “I strive to infuse my tech house tracks with a sense of mystery and depth,” explained Maude. 

This collaboration didn’t involve any other artists; it was an exclusive project between Maude and SpinSpinBunny. The chemistry between the two artists was crucial for the success of the single, allowing a fluid and natural exchange of ideas that elevated the music to a new level. “It was a true collaboration,” stated SpinSpinBunny, emphasizing the synergy and exchange of ideas during the creative process. 

Both artists expressed great satisfaction with the final result. “The message is simple: embrace joy without reservation,” concluded Maude, highlighting the intention to convey authenticity and passion through the music. SpinSpinBunny also shared his excitement: “We’re super excited to see it’s off to a strong start!” 

Like That” is available on all streaming platforms. Check it out! 

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