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Update your playlist with these killer tracks from G-Mafia Records!


Update your playlist with these killer tracks from G-Mafia Records!

This label is totally making waves with its diverse line-up of tunes that tap into a mix of styles and backgrounds. Here’s the lowdown on some of the tracks that you really gotta check out—from head-banging beats to chill vibes.

Andres Buzo – “Bodegon

Straight outta Mexico, this Techno track lays down an addictive groove that’ll mess with your head with its slower bpm. The background synths weave a spell that’s downright hypnotic, pulling you deep into a sonic odyssey.

Leo Oliver – “Dynamite

This one’s from the home turf, the USA. “Dynamite” rocks a Tech House groove with a twist of wild in the vocals that amps up the energy to a whole new level.

INKBOY – “Mind

This French Melodic House & Techno gem will whisk you away to a shadowy, mysterious vibe. With its deep basslines, haunting violin, and ethereal female vocals during the break, it’s like a sonic resurrection right back to its roots with the final drop.

Deep7s – “IF-Eu Piano

Hailing from Italy, this Deep House track is an absolute journey. The piano hits hard, laying down a foundation that’s both rich and resonant, while the bass keeps everything tight and together.

Vibratto – “Bluebird

Also from the States, “Bluebird” cools things down with a vibe that’s as fresh as the great outdoors. Guided by soothing piano melodies, progressive bass, and the sweet addition of a trumpet, along with tranquil vocals, it’s a track that’ll keep you grounded yet dreaming.

SpinSpinBunny – “Vai Levanta A Mão

Another banger from the USA, this Bass House track is a blast with its acid vibes and Portuguese lyrics that throw you right into the middle of a Brazilian favela funk party. It’s unique, lively, and totally infectious.

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