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Argentinian Nathan Katz Returns to All Day I Dream for The Parallax EP


Argentinian Nathan Katz Returns to All Day I Dream for The Parallax EP

Quickly rising Argentinian producer and DJ Nathan Katz is set to unveil his latest musical offering, the Parallax EP, on Lee Burridge’s esteemed All Day I Dream record label. In the wake of his recent notable successes and quickly rising international acclaim, Nathan Katz continues to carve his unique sound in the world of melodic and organic house.

Nathan Katz All Day I Dream

The Parallax EP promises to be a sonic journey crafted with influences from diverse corners of the musical spectrum. Drawing inspiration from a myriad of bands and musicians beyond electronic music, Nathan Katz infuses each track with its own distinct narrative and emotive depth.

Reflecting on the EP, Nathan shares: “The direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions… Parallax.” This quote encapsulates the essence of the Parallax EP, suggesting a dynamic shift in perspective which can be achieved through Nathan Katz’s unique world of sound.

The titular track is a standout on the EP. Nathan kicks things off with a crisp, energizing percussive pattern, but doesn’t wait long before introducing a hypnotizing melody. The track remains fairly stripped back during its introduction, but additional elements are gradually introduced, and around the two minute mark, we are greeted by a variety of playful melodic components dancing over an energizing bassline.

Around halfway through the track, there is a breakdown, and we are greeted with the only vocal component of ‘Parallax’, an incredibly powerful description of a perspective changing experience: “Somehow everything was different. Like a new person had emerged from me. I could see myself in a perspective that I’d never seen before. No inhibitions, no worries. For the first time I felt like I knew where I belonged, and nothing could stop me from being there. Nothing and everything felt real. The world was underneath me, around me, above me. I could see everything and everything could see me. I found… peace.” In the latter half of the track, Nathan delicately brings us back down to earth, leaving listeners eager to experience the remaining three tracks of the EP. 

Nathan Katz’s journey into the realm of electronic music began in 2017, swiftly rising to prominence with performances alongside industry luminaries like Lee Burridge, Nick Warren, and Simon Vuarambon. Nathan’s first release on All Day I Dream was his track ‘Voices’, which was featured on the label’s 2022 compilation A Winter Sampler IV. ‘Voices’ reached the Beatport Top 10 for the Organic House genre, and was a mainstay in the sets of leading artists such as Izhevski, Tim Green, and Lee Burridge himself. Nathan’s most recent contribution to the label, ‘For You’, was featured on A Winter Sampler VI, and climbed to #13 on the Beatport Top 100 for the Organic House genre, further affirming his status as an artist to watch.  With his international debut in 2023 including performances at renowned venues such as Do Not Sit and TreeHouse in Miami, and El Imposible in Madrid, Nathan Katz’s artistry has begun to captivate global audiences.


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