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G-Mafia Records Presents 5 Must-Hear New Tracks


G-Mafia Records Presents 5 Must-Hear New Tracks

G-Mafia Records, renowned in the electronic scene for its impeccable selection and innovative releases, is delighted to unveil five new tracks set to shake dance floors globally. Ranging from PsyTrance to Tech House, each track showcases the creativity and talent of the artists, with unique elements that stand out in the vast universe of electronic music.

SkyDisc – “SoundScape” (PsyTrance)

For enthusiasts of fast-paced rhythms, SkyDisc’s “SoundScape” offers a deep dive into PsyTrance. Characterized by a progressive vibe and melodic elements enriched by a powerful bass, this track is a true sonic celebration.

By The Light – “No Rest for the Wicked” (Progressive House)

Produced by By The Light, “No Rest for the Wicked” is a sublime expression of Progressive House. Its emotional vocals complement a captivating melody, promising a transcendental auditory experience.

DJ G-String, Tc-5 – “In Your Eyes” (Deep House)

The collaboration between DJ G-String and Tc-5, “In Your Eyes,” exemplifies the essence of Deep House with an engaging vocal and a relaxing melody, ideal for reflective moments on the dance floor.

HNDSM Boiz, Yourboy Charlie – “Don’t Talk Back” (Bass House)

“Don’t Talk Back,” a collaboration between HNDSM Boiz and Yourboy Charlie, stands out in Bass House for its unforgettable vocal. Prepared to energize the atmosphere, this song is indispensable in any DJ’s set.

ArtfulMind – “Give Me Your Lovin” (Tech House)

With “Give Me Your Lovin,” ArtfulMind invites us to explore the vibrant core of Tech House. With engaging beats and flawless sound execution, this track is a valuable addition for lovers of electronic music.

These five new tracks from G-Mafia Records are a testament to the label’s commitment to elevating the musical experience, bringing the best of electronic music to the audience. Include these tracks in your playlist through Spotify links and allow yourself to be transported by these extraordinary sonic creations.

To discover more about the releases and support the artists, follow G-Mafia Records on social media and stay updated with the latest news from the world of electronic music.

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