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New Remix of ‘Drop That Low (When I Dip)’ by Good ‘N Bad


New Remix of ‘Drop That Low (When I Dip)’ by Good ‘N Bad

If you’re a fan of electronic dance music, you’ve probably heard of TUJAMO. The German DJ and producer is known for his energetic beats and catchy melodies. One of his most popular tracks is “Drop That Low (When I Dip),” which has been remixed by many artists over the years. Recently, Good ‘N Bad put their own spin on the classic song, featuring Kid Ink on vocals.

The remix starts off with a steady beat and builds up to the iconic vocal sample, “When I Dip You Dip We Dip.” From there, the track explodes into a high-energy drop with a heavy bassline and catchy synth melody. Kid Ink’s verses add extra flair to the song, making it a perfect party anthem.

Good ‘N Bad, the DJ duo behind the remix, have been making waves in the EDM scene for a few years now. They’ve released tracks on major labels like Spinnin’ Records and have played at festivals around the world. Their style is a mix of electro and bass house, which is evident in their remix of “Drop That Low.”

Overall, the Good ‘N Bad remix of “Drop That Low (When I Dip)” is a fresh take on a classic track. It’s a high-energy banger that will get any party started. If you’re a fan of TUJAMO or electronic dance music in general, this remix is definitely worth a listen.

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