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The Show Must Pause: Mochakk Takes a Health Break


The Show Must Pause: Mochakk Takes a Health Break

Hey EDMArmy! You’ve probably heard about Mochakk, the electrifying Brazilian star lighting up the electronic music scene. Well, it turns out even stars need a break. It’s not all glitz and glam in the life of an artist, especially when your body screams “enough!” That’s exactly what happened to Mochakk.

Imagine this: 15 shows a month, jet-setting around the globe, non-stop. Sounds thrilling, right? But it took its toll on our favorite Brazilian phenom. He’s had to hit the pause button on four of his November shows. Why? His health is waving a red flag.

In an Instagram post, Mochakk opened up about his health woes. He’s been spending days with doctors, undergoing tests, and the verdict? Immediate physiotherapy, complete rest, and more medical care. His body’s demanding a time-out, and he’s listening.

The break in the schedule affected three important shows: November 16th and 17th at Concord Music Hall in Chicago (USA), Time Warp New York on the 18th and Dreamfields Mexico on the 19th.

We’re all rooting for Mochakk’s speedy recovery. Can’t wait to see him back, doing what he does best – rocking the world with his unmatched vibes!

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