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Soul Clap Returns with Four-Track R&B Tinged EP ‘EcoSystemS’


Soul Clap Returns with Four-Track R&B Tinged EP ‘EcoSystemS’

Soul Clap, essential voices in the US house landscape, return with their EcoSystemS EP, a four-track R&B-tinged electronic offering, set for release on today via Soul Clap Records.

Continually pushing the scene and its pre-existing boundaries forward both musically, and with their ecological and social initiatives and approaches, Charles Levine and Eli Goldstein, aka Soul Clap, are entering into one of their most exciting musical periods to date.

Heading up their ever-essential Soul Clap Records imprint while welcoming projects such as their The Soul Clap Band and contributions to legendary mix series including DJ Kicks and Fabric over the years, the duo’s expansive catalogue is once again in evolution as we enter another year and a fresh chapter of the Soul Clap journey with ‘EcoSystemS’.

“Our latest project, €¢¤ $¥$₸€₼$ (EcoSystemS), is a celebration of the organisms that make up our musical world. An exploration of how we connect through music to build community, create inspiration and heal our hearts and souls. It’s an exploration of how we attach to the spaces where we come together, and how we interact with the environments that we live in. Consisting of a new EP alongside a tour that builds on our Conscious Clubbing ethos of diversity, safety and sustainability. €¢¤ $¥$₸€₼$ is an exploration of how electronic music can be a force for regeneration.” – Soul Clap

Soul Clap EcoSystemS EP

On the opening track, energy enters the €¢¤ $¥$₸€₼$ via a one-night ‘Extravaganza’ fed by the nutrient cycle of Soul Clap’s classic 2010 edit. It blossoms into a fresh cover version of the Jamie Foxx original, featuring LA-based vocalist and producer, Life On Planets. By feeding on plants and organic matter, we all play an important role in the movement of matter and energy.

‘Something In My Heart’ – a cover of the overlooked classic by 1980’s West Coast R&B star Michel’le – features vocalist Ebony Houston on a search for the passion of that reciprocal exchange. What we give and take from our ecosystems also influences the quality and quantity of the system.

‘Rick Fredkin’, once again featuring Life On Planets, asks why 1% of humans – who are 0.0001% of all earth’s organisms – are allowed to exploit most of the planet’s resources, damaging the quality and quantity of life for the other 99.9999%. Finally, ‘Keep Reaching’ features three more cousins from the petri dish of Soul Clap microbial biology: Choosy Lover, Saucy Lady and Greg Paulus.

This jam digs deeper into the soil, breaking down organic matter and releasing carbon back into the atmosphere, facilitating the nutrient cycling that goes On and On and On… 

Ec·o·sys·tem /ˈēkōˌsistəm/ (noun) – a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. 

As rave babies, Eli and Charlie learned the history of dance music from Boston legends DJ Bruno, Kon, and Caril Mitro, who taught them that “house wears many hats”. Then at the Marcy Hotel in Brooklyn, they joined forces with Wolf + Lamb to form Crew Love which made its’ mark on US electronic culture for nearly two decades. Since their journey began, Soul Clap has released three albums, curated mix series, and collaborated with some of the greatest such as George Clinton, Nona Hendryx, and Louie Vega.

They also run Soul Clap Records, a home for all things funky, and host the touring party and label House Of EFUNK, while paying beyond musical boundaries to positively impact people and the planet by using Eli’s education from his Masters in Climate Science to work with non-profit DJs For Climate Action and Give A Beat.

Now, growing deeper roots for community and environment, Soul Clap strives to be more intentional with each action, working towards making music inspiring positive change and strengthening ecosystems across the globe. Next up for the duo, Soul Clap is embarking on their subsequent 2024 EcoSystemS Tour across the US. Their commitment to sustainability includes taking public transit, utilizing trains whenever possible, and hosting plastic-free parties- marking a bold step forward in their dedication to both music and the planet. 

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PRESS RELEASE March 22, 2024

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