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Matroda Joins Forces with Dances for Tech House Heater ‘Britney’


Matroda Joins Forces with Dances for Tech House Heater ‘Britney’

Two renowned figures within the electronic music scene, Matroda and Dances, have united to craft a pulsating club anthem. Solo vocal talent Dances (With White Girls), recognized for his hits like ‘Operator’ and ‘Bang,’ seamlessly merges his expertise with Matroda, resulting in a seamless fusion of old-school charm and contemporary flair.

The collaborative effort has birthed ‘Britney,’ a unique tech-house blend that has already made waves since its official premiere on the EDC Las Vegas mainstage. Supported by industry heavyweights including MK, Diplo, Wade, Hugel, Eli Brown, GORDO, Deeper Purpose, Tchami, Max Styler, and more, ‘Britney’ boasts playful lyrics, an irresistible bassline, and a groove that ensures its place as a mainstage favorite throughout the summer.


Within ‘Britney,’ the dark and gritty side of tech house is out on full display, then blended with a creative theme and a hypnotic production. Sophisticated and composed, Dances begins laying down the versus, infusing the steady beat with an easy-to-follow topline.

Exotic drum and work and an overall subtle natural mask the intensity and power of the drop soon to come – after the hook, “Got me dancing, like I’m Britney,” reveals, the drop slides in for the kill, amplifying the energy to new heights. As smooth as it started, ‘Britney,’ comes to a close, leaving you wanting more. Keep the Matroda party rolling with his remix of a track that has eaten up the dance floor for years, TIGA’s ‘Let’s Go Dancing’.


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