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Dystracted Emerges with Dialed in Bass Music for ‘Pure Intent’ EP [Grand Alliance Music]


Dystracted Emerges with Dialed in Bass Music for ‘Pure Intent’ EP [Grand Alliance Music]

The final Friday of June will provide a significant opportunity to leave a lasting impact on bass music. With so much good music coming and going these days, it may be easy to overlook a lot of it. However, something this special knows no bounds. It has been patiently lurking in the waters, waiting for the perfect moment to emerge, the summer of 2024.

A true chance to make a mark. This is precisely what Dystracted delivers with the ‘Pure Intent’ EP, the latest release from the U.S. and Australian-based duo. They split their time between continents, working in studios to produce catchy and cleverly written tracks like the ones featured here. In addition, they juggle between festival appearances and gigs, working the circuit inside and out with the purest of intent.

Grand Alliance Music could not be a more fitting home for the EP fused together with stellar glitch-hop, bass heavy anthems, lively modulations and intelligent design.

Dystracted ‘Pure Intent’  Art by Mosaiq

Just as the title implies, the ‘Pure Intent’ EP delivers no-nonsense bass music, showcasing the group’s genuine direction and nuanced ability. It emits hypnotic and masterful stylistic qualities while infusing a wide array of diverse production elements, making it one of Dystracted’s most complete and sophisticated releases to date.

Pay attention on how the crossover of mid tempo and electronica shows laser precision.  This 4-track EP follows a high-caliber release with Grand Alliance Music‘s debut compilation Vol. 1: NUMINOUS, a collaboration of over 20 artists from various labels worldwide. It serves the continuation of the U.S. and Aussie duo’s sonic exploration as they branch out from releases on Gradient Perspective, Glitch Hop Community, and Pulp Glitchin’ Records, among others.

The first track on the EP starts with a collaboration with AVARY titled, ‘Oh God’ – simply put, it’s an absolute flex. It’s clear from the beginning that these boys are likely up to no good.


Then, we see it transition into a delectable remix of ‘Bucklenut’ by Tygris and Wessanders, courtesy of The Rust—continuing the energy in a proper fashion and displaying a significant ability to transform each track into something extraordinary.


The next two tracks really bring this delightful EP full circle, wrapping it up with ‘Ello Ello’ featuring Waeyd and ‘Worn.’ These intoxicating voyages through time and space allow the group to achieve massive sonic atmospheres that were previously unheard. Simultaneously, they enable the mood to regain complete composure and stability, resulting in a highly successful launch and landing of this latest EP, ‘Pure Intent’ by Dystracted.  Keep it wicked this weekend and enjoy Dystracted’s set at Earth Frequency Festival.

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