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BLUUR Drops Electrifying Single “Unholy”


BLUUR Drops Electrifying Single “Unholy”

BLUUR, the innovative DJ and producer, has just released his latest single, “Unholy.” Drawing heavy inspiration from renowned artists like Matroda, Chris Lake, Tchami, and San Pacho, BLUUR blends these influences into a distinctive sound that epitomizes the essence of House and Tech House.

Although BLUUR didn’t pen the lyrics of “Unholy,” the song resonates deeply with his personal experiences. “For me, ‘Unholy‘ is about embracing the freedom to explore lyrical themes that might provoke thought and emotion”,  he shares. Reflecting on his past, BLUUR talks about moving through periods of regret and learning to embrace his mistakes. “I want my listeners to know that even if they’ve made mistakes, it’s going to be okay. There’s always a path forward,” he says.

To celebrate the release of “Unholy,” BLUUR has scheduled several performances. He will be playing at The Midway in San Francisco on August 17. This is just the beginning, as BLUUR also plans to release an EP and potentially launch his own label, marking a new chapter in his career.

BLUUR has a special message for his fans: “Creating ‘Unholy‘ was a deeply personal process for me. It’s not about encouraging people to be ‘unholy’ but rather acknowledging that in a world where every mistake is scrutinized, perfection is impossible. My message is to keep moving forward and find happiness despite the challenges.”

Listen ‘Unholy’ below 


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