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Discover New Artists and Styles: Check Out 6 Releases from G-Mafia Records


Discover New Artists and Styles: Check Out 6 Releases from G-Mafia Records

G-Mafia Records is back with a diverse selection of releases that highlight the innovation in today’s electronic music scene. Discover six tracks that are gaining attention and are must-haves for your playlist: 

STRiNX – “Riding the Wave” (Trance) 

Hailing from Spain, STRiNX presents “Riding the Wave,” a Trance track that takes listeners on an immersive sonic journey. This track is perfect for those deep dive moments on the dance floor. The rising energy and captivating melodies are standout features of this production, sure to engage Trance enthusiasts. 

lunartson – “Keep Me Waiting” (Tech House) 

From Sweden, lunartson drops “Keep Me Waiting,” a Tech House track that combines captivating grooves and seductive vocals. This release promises to be a hit with its infectious vibe, keeping everyone moving. 

Brady – “All About You” (Future House) 

Representing South Korea, Brady brings “All About You,” a Future House track full of energy and freshness. With striking vocals and polished production, this song is perfect for lifting the mood. It fits seamlessly into any Future House set. 

KATHARSIS – “When I Feel Like” (Tech House) 

From Australia, KATHARSIS introduces “When I Feel Like,” a Tech House track that is introspective yet danceable. The deep grooves and well-crafted percussive elements create an ideal club atmosphere. KATHARSIS‘s meticulous production highlights their talent. 

LorZzz – “United” (Deep House) 

Coming from Germany, LorZzz offers “United,” a Deep House track that exudes smoothness. This track is perfect for relaxing moments or to kick off a party. “United” connects through music, captivating listeners from start to finish. 

Leo Oliver – “Ownboss” (Tech House) 

From the United States, Leo Oliver releases “Ownboss,” a Tech House track that will surprise you. With a strong bass and plenty of groove, this song is perfect for keeping the dance floor warm. Leo Oliver showcases his ability to create tracks that are both engaging and danceable. 

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