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The Italians, Kapowsky and Ruben Lasala Round Out Toolroom Album with ‘Bigger Than You’


The Italians, Kapowsky and Ruben Lasala Round Out Toolroom Album with ‘Bigger Than You’

Toolroom’s first anticipated album of the year returned to soundtrack Miami’s Winter Music Conference, showcasing the biggest and best talent from around the globe. Today we are highlighting the Italian’s Ruben Lasala and Kapowsky‘s ‘Bigger Than Me’ that rounds out the album.

Ruben Lasala and Kapowsky : Toolroom Miami 2024

Kapowsky shares, “in terms of the message and creative process behind ‘Bigger Than Me’, I think it’s fair to say in this case once we heard the original idea by Ruben Lasala, we then stretched that out to a full track and added our sauce to it. The perc synth is the main strength the song and we specifically wrote this with Toolroom in mind so it’s great they picked it up.

Ruben basically had a sketch going, that we saw big potential in and we immediately had some ideas on how to make it sound bigger and badder. The perc synth in that track does a great job of keeping the track fun and bouncy, so we made sure to keep that on the forefront of the production. The rest of the track really is about getting that classic Toolroom climax, which I think we’ve succeeded with.”


It’s evident that there’s something about Kapowsky’s unconventional fusion of big room, progressive and tech house as it resonates with the pros. So far the Italian’s records have also landed on This Ain’t Bristol, Dirtybird and Perfect Havoc while garnering support from established artists such as GUZ, Bontan, and Mele, among others.

Later in our conversation around ‘Bigger Than Me’ Kapowsky teased about his upcoming releases on Stashed and Flashmob Records as well as his goal on playing in Brazil. For the mean time indulge in Marco’s No Kap Podcast.

Ruben Lasala is also known by the name of Rayven, starting his career in the duo Rayven & Valexx, which led him to releasing music on the strongest record labels, for example Darklight / Flamingo Records by Fedde Le Grand with ‘Boomerang’ and ‘Want to Do’ as well as Nicky Romero‘s Protocol Records with ‘Solar‘.

In 2021 joined the Defected family by releasing a great remix of ‘BASSLINE’ for Gotsome on D4nce Records and in 2023 with the track “In your Mind” on Toolroom Records. His sets contaminated with techno, funk and melodic house has welcomed him into very important clubs and festivals like: Peter Pan (Riccione), Praja Gallipoli, Dolcevita (Salerno), Magazzini Generali (Milan), and Snow Land Festival (Livigno).

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