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NARRKO Releases New Single “Ecstacy, I Still Love You!” via Mustache Crew Records


NARRKO Releases New Single “Ecstacy, I Still Love You!” via Mustache Crew Records

NARRKO, the DJ and music producer, releases his latest single, “Ecstacy, I Still Love You!” today through the Brazilian label Mustache Crew Records. The track promises to be a milestone in the artist’s career, bringing a unique combination of vibes and sounds that reflect his experiences and influences in the world of electronic music.

Inspirations and Creative Process

“Ecstacy, I Still Love You!” is a celebration of nightlife and the euphoria provided by electronic music. NARRKO reveals that the inspiration for the song came from his passion for parties. “It’s a song about ecstasy, let your imagination run wild,” comments the artist, highlighting the creative freedom that permeated the entire composition and recording process.

Recorded at the renowned Matte Black Recording Studio, NARRKO worked alongside a team that encouraged his creativity, helping him expand his skills in Ableton. “Matte Black taught me Ableton and continues to help me expand my skills,” highlights NARRKO, reinforcing the importance of collaborations in developing his unique sound.

Musical Style and Message

With a style described as “vibey and groovy,” NARRKO aims to provide a sound experience that allows listeners to let loose and enjoy the moment, but always responsibly. The lyrics of the song reflect this balance between fun and prudence, conveying a message of living intensely without losing awareness.

Plans for the Future

NARRKO is preparing a series of releases for this year, with the ambitious goal of releasing 12 songs, each surpassing the previous one in terms of innovation and quality. Additionally, the artist plans to perform shows and promotional events, especially in Dubai, with new announcements coming soon.

To his fans, NARRKO leaves a special thank you: “Thank you for the support. It motivates me to do more.”

Artist Bio

NARRKO, born and raised in Montreal, Canada, is the embodiment of a long-time raver. His passion for electronic music began at 16 and intensified after a serious car accident in 2021, which led him to pursue his dreams with renewed determination. Currently, NARRKO is a full-time DJ and music producer in Dubai, committed to perfecting his sound and making his mark on the global scene.

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