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Dive into the Latest Releases from G-Mafia Records


Dive into the Latest Releases from G-Mafia Records

G-MAFIA RECORDS  is  always on the lookout for new and inspiring music. This month, we have an incredible selection of talented artists who are making waves with their latest releases. Dive into their stories, explore their creative processes, and follow them on social media to keep up with their musical journeys.

Napoleon Majoran – “Wonderful Life”

Napoleon Majoran brings us “Wonderful Life,” a melodic house track with melancholic lyrics. This song went through various transformations before reaching its current form, reflecting the duo’s desire to blend emotional depth with a captivating house vibe. The inspiration behind this track comes from Napoleon’s marriage, encapsulating the realization that love shouldn’t hurt. The collaboration with producer Jens Johansson, who has been a key partner since 2015, resulted in a rich musical arrangement that combines club elements with cinematic touches. The track is a tribute to early Röyksopp, specifically their “Melody A.M.” album. Stay tuned for more releases from Napoleon Majoran this summer.

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Jon Cerutti – “Been Drowning”

Jon Cerutti presents “Been Drowning,” a deep house track with strong soul and hip-hop influences. The song reflects the feeling of being overwhelmed by life’s challenges and personal relationships. Jon’s songwriting process began with emotional lyrics, followed by creating an engaging beat with subtle percussions. Although the song was written solo, a remix by David Armada is on the way. “Been Drowning” conveys the message that hardships are temporary and dreams of better days can bring hope. Jon Cerutti, a DJ with experience in London’s club scene, now resides in Geneva, where he continues to captivate audiences with his signature house and tech sound.

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G Hav – “Can You Feel The Love”

G Hav takes us back to the 90s rave scene with “Can You Feel The Love,” a track that mixes nostalgic piano house elements with a modern twist. G Hav’s music captures the essence of the rave culture that transcended into the club scene, bringing people together through a shared love of house music. The song, built around multiple piano layers and processed to create a synth-like sound, aims to evoke the same emotions G Hav experienced during the rave era. This track is his first professional release, and he hopes it resonates with listeners and gets played in clubs and festivals worldwide.

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Briar Pearson – “Looking For” [EP]

Briar Pearson presents his new EP “Looking For,” featuring the tracks “Looking For” and “Gave You.” This tech house project tells a two-part story of heartbreak and overcoming it. Inspired by artists like Ferreck Dawn and Tita Lau, Briar’s music blends club-ready beats with an emotional narrative. The creation of this EP marked a fresh start for Briar after a year-long hiatus, allowing him to reconnect with his passion for music. With influences from his previous project Sgt Wumbo, Briar aims to create music that makes listeners think, feel, and dance. Look out for more releases from him later this year.

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