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Premiere: Melodic Techno Maestros, Space Motion and Jordan John, Join Forces for ‘Baby Blue’


Premiere: Melodic Techno Maestros, Space Motion and Jordan John, Join Forces for ‘Baby Blue’

After releasing his coveted 10 track album on Steve Lawler’s coveted Evive/Armada label, supported by the likes of Solomun, Damian Lazarus, Bedouin; the Swiss – Caribbean phenom Jordan John returns with an epic late summer dancefloor masterpiece ‘Baby Blue’ with world renowned artists, Space Motion & Charlotte OC.

The highly anticipated project quickly emerged as both a radio and the dance floor must play. The record seamlessly builds into an emotion driven piece, as Jordan John and Space Motion groove takes control of one’s rhythm and is then locked on with hallowing vocals by the lovely Charlotte OC that sends shivers down one’s spine as she references her love / artist controlling the room ‘look how you control the room all eyes on you … You’re the evening sky, you’re the sun upon my skin, your constant light…Baby Blue’.

The record quickly captures one’s emotion as the vocal is synergetic through Jordans smooth melodies and riveting synths complimented by Space Motions powerful progression and bass punch. Through a long break of mesmerizing whispers of Charlotte OC, as she shouts ‘and when you move I move’ Jordan and Space Motion lay on a symphony of elements that have a meteoric impact on the dance floor and one’s emotion.

Jordan had this to say about the project: “The record came together in such a unique fashion. Charlotte, coming from a more indie pop background, myself, having more percussion based influence on my music, I knew the potential of this record as a more Progressive / Techno track. Space Motion being such a huge influence on my career, we knew he would bring this record to its potential with us, make it a true cinematic and emotional piece of art. I can’t wait to share this with you all on August 11th.”

Jordan John

The record comes out in incredible timing as Space Motion continues to rise as one of the leading Progressive artists in the game, Charlotte OC making her way into the Electronic scene and as Jordan John makes his South American debut on his World Tour in Colombia, Mexico, Chile & more, where he will be headlining and performing with such renowned Melodic Techno acts as Magdalena, Oostil, Kevin Saunderson, at such renowned venues including the Candy Flip Festival in Bogota. 

Charlotte OC

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