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Female DJs Play Twice as Many Shows as Male, Study Shows


Female DJs Play Twice as Many Shows as Male, Study Shows

The recent study by music tech company A2D2 found that female DJs play almost twice as many shows as their male counterparts. This information, derived from DJ Mag’s Top 100 list and additional data from Resident Advisor, highlights the challenges women face in gaining recognition in the DJ industry. While only 11 female artists were listed in DJ Mag’s Top 100, they accounted for 40% of the top 10 hardest-working DJs according to the study. On average, male DJs performed around 13 gigs in 2023, whereas female artists averaged about 23 gigs. This discrepancy underscores the efforts female DJs must put forth to establish themselves in a male-dominated industry​​​​​​.

In addition to these findings, the A2D2 report also noted that house and techno were the most dominant genres in the UK in 2023. It observed a rising popularity of German and Belgian DJs. The report concluded that Claptone was the most hard-working DJ in 2023 with 94 gigs in 33 different countries, averaging about one set every four days. Interestingly, Claptone has been suspected of collaborating with several DJs to perform multiple shows around the world simultaneously​​.

Find the full study from A2D2 here.

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