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Like Mike launches his new solo project HEREON


Like Mike launches his new solo project HEREON

Like Mike, widely recognized as one half of the renowned electronic duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, is charting a new course in his music career with the launch of his solo project, HEREON. This exciting new venture is kicking off with the release of his latest track, ‘Pulsating Energy’, now available under the esteemed label of Tomorrowland Music.

Hailing from Belgium, Like Mike has already made a significant mark in the music world. However, his latest endeavor with HEREON signals a bold step into the realm of techno. ‘Pulsating Energy’ is a testament to this new direction, showcasing a distinct shift from his signature high-energy house beats to a more nuanced and exploratory sound.

The track begins with a captivating blend of ethereal vocals and a mesmerizing melody, setting a tone that’s both haunting and inviting. As it progresses, ‘Pulsating Energy’ transforms, leading listeners into a deep, atmospheric drop that is both unexpected and enchanting. This transition not only highlights Like Mike’s versatility as a producer but also offers a fresh and innovative experience for his fans.

This release is just the first glimpse into what Like Mike has in store with his solo project. ‘Pulsating Energy’ is the initial offering in what promises to be a series of new singles under the HEREON alias.

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