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Bleu Clair Unveils ‘Inner Circle’ EP, Showing Next Era Of The ‘NEWAGEOFHOUSE’ Movement


Bleu Clair Unveils ‘Inner Circle’ EP, Showing Next Era Of The ‘NEWAGEOFHOUSE’ Movement

Bleu Clair presents his latest EP, ‘Inner Circle,‘ an embodiment of his ‘NEWAGEOFHOUSE’ movement. This release encapsulates the innovative spirit that Bleu Clair has instilled in the tech house genre, showcasing a sound that is both unique and instantly recognizable. His meticulous attention to detail and cohesive thematic elements distinguish his music, establishing him as one of the leading figures in the contemporary house scene.

The EP features 3 brand-new singles “Bring The Hats On,” “Hold On,” and “Want Me Back,” giving a deeper and more insightful perspective on Bleu Clair’s sonic direction in 2024.

Bleu Clair ‘Inner Circle’

Starting off, “Boom Boom,” is not for the faint of heart. Bursting with personality, the topline vocal is sheer power layer atop a smooth and clean percussion with thick bassline. The opening single lays the foundation of the subtle sophistication that Bleu Clair is set to bestow.

Then comes, “In The Music,” in collaboration with POLOVICH, a song designed for mid-mix, late night vibes that keeps the night running strong. An effective topline sample plays out in just the right dosage, laying the groundwork for a drop that’s  surprising, unpredictable, but fully in rhythm and in the moment. 

After, “Shake What Yo Mama,” pulls out all the tricks. Dazzling percussion design and vocal samples on repeat incircle the listener in a trippy assemble that’s hard to beat. The arrangement seamlessly pulls us from one part the next – all while being easily and completely immersed in the vibe.

Following, “Bring The Hats On” is Bleu Clair at his roots. It’s all about the nuance and details here. Crips percussion and slow transitions help the listener become engulfed in the moment, allowing the drops that ensue to be that much more powerful and the journey that much more memorable.

Next, “Hold On (feat. Tania Foster,)” is easily the most vocal driven of the bunch. Embracing a classic house energy that acts as a tribute to the golden age of house. Bleu Clair nails the vibe he was going for, adding an explosive and surprising drop that blends the old school with the new school.

In closing, “Want Me Back,” in collaboration with Atsy and Daniel Rimaldi, flips the feminine energy of the song just before with the juxtaposition of a masculine component. “Want Me Back” pulls on the heart string with soulful vocals, violin strings, and pumping synths. The work creates an almost anthem-like energy and leaves the listener in a reflective, contemplative mood by the end of all.

Bleu Clair’s ascent in the electronic music world is marked by performances at some of the most prestigious EDM festivals globally. In the past two years alone, he has graced the stages of EDC Las Vegas, EDC Orlando, and Tomorrowland. His music has also achieved significant chart success, securing a spot in the Top 5 of the Beatport House chart for an impressive two-month streak at one time.

Collaborating with esteemed artists such as Tchami, and Matroda, Bleu Clair has further solidified his reputation in the industry. His tracks have accumulated over 50 million streams on Spotify, with a monthly listener count exceeding 615,000. The widespread support from industry giants like Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Chris Lake, DJ Snake, Diplo, and Malaa underscores the impact of his music.

Bleu Clair’s influence extends beyond his music, with a robust social media presence that reflects his growing popularity. He boasts a combined reach of 62,400 followers across various platforms: 9,300 on YouTube, 42,000 on Instagram, 2,700 on TikTok, and 30,000 on SoundCloud.

The ‘Inner Circle’ EP transcends a mere collection of tracks, embodying Bleu Clair’s artistic vision and his influential role in redefining tech house. This release invites listeners to immerse themselves in a ‘NEWAGEOFHOUSE,’ providing an impactful preview into the future of house music.

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