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CHKLZ Points to a Page in Metal Music’s History with ‘White Wine Spritzer’, House Rework


CHKLZ Points to a Page in Metal Music’s History with ‘White Wine Spritzer’, House Rework

CHKLZ, the DJ and producer duo formed by former members of the ‘Nedal’ band Okilly Dokilly, is putting a fresh spin on the group’s hit single ‘White Wine Spritzer.’ Embracing the groovy house music genre they’ve honed in recent years, this remix project marks another successful step in their musical journey.

“We are very excited to be releasing this track on Syn. We feel like the essence of this Remixerino captures and connects all the dots of our past, present, and future!” – DJ iLL Choppo of CHKLZ

Okilly Dokilly, pioneers of the ‘Nedal’ genre, introduced the world to heavy metal inspired by Ned Flanders from The Simpsons. Though the band, formed in 2015, is now inactive, their unique thematic dedication, including dressing like Ned Flanders during performances lead to a full feature in Rolling Stones, remaining an unforgettable part of music history.

The whimsical genesis of Okilly Dokilly sprang from a humorous conversation among friends, imagining a metal band embodying the overly polite TV character, Ned Flanders. This playful concept swiftly evolved into a serious musical venture, carving out a distinct niche within the metal landscape. Following their ascent, the band caught the attention of ‘The Simpsons’ producers, resulting in a feature where their music video for ‘White Wine Spritzer’ graced the end credits of the episode ‘I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say D’oh.’ This exposure catapulted Okilly Dokilly to international acclaim, fueling sold-out tours and fostering a strong bond with ‘The Simpsons’ aficionados who embraced the band’s quirky and thematic approach

CHKLZ’s remix of ‘White Wine Spritzer’ transforms the cult classic into a vibrant house music experience, revitalizing the track while preserving its inherent essence. Beyond paying homage to their origins, this remix showcases CHKLZ’s adaptability and progressive artistic trajectory, marking a bold step forward.

DJ iLL Choppo (Far left) and LeMarshawn Jean (Second from right)

CHKLZ, named Best Dance Artist 2023 by Phoenix New Times, found inspiration in a stray dog named Charlie, shaping their ethos and sound. Through their unique blend of live instrumentation and electronic music, CHKLZ creates a vibrant, energy-filled experience, uniting audiences worldwide under the banner of Groove Fiesta.

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