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Teleport straight to UNTOLD Festival 2023: How To Watch Livestream


Teleport straight to UNTOLD Festival 2023: How To Watch Livestream

Yo, homies! Let’s teleport straight to UNTOLD Festival 2023, right in the heart of Cluj-Napoca, Romania! Ain’t no thang if you ain’t here physically, we gotcha with an off-the-hook live streamin’ experience this year.

So, what’s the deal with UNTOLD? Well, this is THE place for electronic and pop music junkies, happening yearly in Romania. We’re talkin’ world-class artists throwin’ down, attracting mad music lovers from every corner of the globe.

Our livestream got two channels, givin’ you a taste of the Main Stage and the Alchemy Stage. You into headliner superstars or underground tunes? Doesn’t matter, we gotchu.

Main Stage Livestream Schedule
Below is the schedule for the Main Stage livestream for Day 1
(All times are in Eastern European Summer Time – EEST):

  1. 18:00 – PARTYDUL KISS FM
  2. 19:20 – IRINA RIMES
  3. 20:35 – Ava Max
  4. 21:35 – Sara Bluma
  5. 22:30 – Kasia
  6. 23:10 – TOPIC
  7. 01:10 – ALOK
  8. 03:00 – STEVE AOKI
  9. 05:00 – Amber Broos

Alchemy Stage
For those who prefer the enchanting beats of the Alchemy Stage, here is the schedule for Day 1:

  1. 18:00 – ZO
  2. 18:30 – BERECHET
  3. 19:20 – PETRE ȘTEFAN
  4. 20:10 – YNY SEBI
  5. 21:00 – SPECII
  6. 22:05 – DOC
  7. 23:10 – SPIKE
  8. 00:30 – GRASU XXL X GUESS WHO
  9. 01:35 – BORGORE

UNTOLD Festival 2023 is gonna be lit, fam! Main Stage, Alchemy Stage, doesn’t matter – there’s something for everyone. So, from August 3rd to 6th, kick back, catch the livestream and ride the UNTOLD wave, even from home! Round up your squad and get set for a wild virtual gig. See ya at UNTOLD 2023! It’s goin’ off!

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