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Six New Tracks from G-Mafia Records to Stir Your Soul


Six New Tracks from G-Mafia Records to Stir Your Soul

Are you ready to dive into some fresh, electrifying beats? G-Mafia Records, straight out of Brazil, is serving up some tantalizing tracks that are sure to get your feet moving. Let’s explore their latest releases, each one showcasing the unique talents of their artists. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this ride through the world of electronic music!

“Now or Never” by Everettz: A Fusion of Bass and Energy

First up, we have “Now or Never” by the up-and-coming artist Everettz. If you’re into bass-heavy electronic music that mixes the familiar with the downright unusual, you’re in for a treat. Everettz’s style is a wild cocktail of energy and innovation. “Now or Never” packs a punch with its raw bass house vibes and a catchy vocal sample that’s guaranteed to light up any dance floor.

AntySocial’s Journey in “Reality”

Next, we’ve got AntySocial with “Reality,” a track that marks a significant milestone in his musical journey. This isn’t just another techno track; it’s a piece of his heart and soul. “Reality” is a reflection of AntySocial’s dedication to his craft, born from countless sleepless nights perfecting his style. It’s a testament to his passion for techno and his commitment to carving out his unique sound in the music world.

“Go Back” by ELRENCO: A Transatlantic Collaboration

Then there’s “Go Back” by ELRENCO, a collaborative masterpiece from Polish composer and producer Leszek Erenc and Canadian singer Alicia-Laura de Gregori. This track stands out with its atmospheric quality, blending Leszek’s production skills with Alicia-Laura’s vocal talent to create something truly special.

Bartalux’s Summer Vibe in “Crush”

Diving into the house music realm, we meet Bartalux with “Crush.” Hailing from Austria with Croatian roots, Bartalux moves uniquely through the music world, drawing inspiration from various genres. “Crush” is a summer anthem, fueled by captivating vocals and a clear vision for the track’s sound. Kudos also go to Brunslay for his help in mixing and mastering this vibrant track.

“Sublime” by Pink Slime: Captivating Beats and Melodies

“Sublime” by Pink Slime is an attention-grabber from the get-go. Its atmospheric intro leads into powerful beats and synth melodies, topped with smooth, melodic vocals. Pink Slime showcases a knack for versatility and innovative music production, making “Sublime” a standout track in their repertoire.

Flash Horton’s Melodic Tale in “Focus Is You”

Last but not least, we have “Focus Is You” by Flash Horton, a melodic/deep house track from Raleigh, NC. This timeless piece narrates the story of two people falling in love, their lives intertwining beautifully. Flash Horton’s track is a heartfelt exploration of love and connection, set to an irresistible deep house rhythm.

There you have it – a sneak peek into the latest and greatest from G-Mafia Records. Each track tells its own story, brought to life by the unique talents of these amazing artists. Get ready to experience the new wave of electronic music, Brazilian style!

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