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Introducing ‘Buttons’ by Malik Mustache & Carol Fávero


Introducing ‘Buttons’ by Malik Mustache & Carol Fávero

EDM Army, get ready to add a fresh new track to your playlist! The iconic tune ‘Buttons’ by The Pussycat Dolls has been reimagined by the Brazilian artists, Malik Mustache & Carol Fávero. Released last Friday, this official cover dives into the pulsating energy of the tech house genre, promising to be a fixture in parties around the globe.

The rebirth of ‘Buttons’ as a tech house cover allows listeners to experience a classic through a modern lens. Malik Mustache & Carol Fávero’s talents intertwine to create a track with an addictive groove that echoes the essence of the original while infusing it with the raw punch of tech house aesthetics.
The ear-catching reinterpretation leverages the duo’s strengths and showcases their ability to innovate, all while paying homage to a beloved classic.

Questions & Answers

1)Can you share with us the inspiration behind your latest cover, ‘Buttons,’ and how it aligns with the evolution of your musical journey?

Carol Fávero: We love 2000s songs and ‘Buttons’ was a massive hit and it has a powerful vocal line that makes you sing the song during a whole day. The inspiration came from that time, when we used to buy CDs and the band albums usually featured pictures of them on the cover!

2. Some critics argue that covering iconic songs like ‘Buttons’ may overshadow the original artist’s work. How do you respond to those who believe artists should focus on creating original content?

Carol Fávero: Covers and remixes are a part of the EDM scene since the beginning, it helps the DJs and the original artists to spread their work!
It’s also an essential part for the DJ/producer to infuse a bit of our childhood essence onto the dance floor. Reviving and recreating are integral aspects of the journey!

3) If ‘Buttons’ were a flavor of ice cream, what flavor do you think it would be, and why?

Malik Mustache: That’s a great question, it must be chocolate cause it has that familiar taste that everybody loves, with strawberry that makes everything more sexy.

4)The release of ‘Buttons’ coincides with a wave of nostalgia for the early 2000s. Do you think this choice caters to a specific audience, and how do you keep your music relevant in an ever-changing industry?

 Malik Mustache: The most strong felling that we have is the nostalgia, we feel that mixing this nostalgic vocals with our sound hits perfectly the audience that we were looking for and it also shows the song for a new generation that could create this feeling with this track too.

The secret to keep our musics always relevant with this constantly changes of the industry is always keep our style combined with the type of sonority that it’s making the audience goes insane.

5) Are there any dream venues or festivals you aspire to perform at in the coming years? What makes these venues special to you?

Malik Mustache: There’s a lot of places in the world that we want to play, we are anxious for our debut in Europe and getting back for a new tour in USA.

We love Europe and we know the importance of continent to EDM sounds, we want to live and experience this places.

We were always welcome in USA and we really love to play there, we also want to thanks Dirtybird Records that is making our name in the country.

About Malik Mustache

Malik Mustache, a well-known figure in the Brazilian electronic scene, gained recognition through his hits: ” Rock U , Michael Douglas, U And Me ” and by numerous supports of heavy artists such as: Martin Garrix, Kaskade, Claude Vonstroke, Nic Fanciulli, Wade, Piero Pirupa,Skazi, Alok and Vintage Culture. The duo has also participated in several works with the groups Cone Crew Directorate, Haikaiss, Costa Gold and DJ CIA (RZO), in which they once again gained national and international notoriety.

Making presentations in the biggest festivals and clubs like: Tribe, Universo Paralello, Só Track Boa, Soulvision and Electric Zoo, the boys who are from Campinas, SP opened doors for international gigs in renowned clubs in Los Angeles (Sound Night Club), San Francisco (Temple), Miami (E11EVEN), Orlando, Berkeley and across Latin America.

About Carol Fávero

Carol Favero is a dynamic presence in the Brazilian electronic music scene, representing the female power within the new wave of Tech House. Her career has been significantly shaped by interactions with the highly esteemed resident DJs of the Privilège club, Marquinhus SP and Sandro Valente, both of whom were instrumental in cultivating Carol’s distinctive approach to house music and its variants.

Marked by continuous growth and innovation, Carol Favero is solidifying her status as a rising star in Brazilian electronic music. Her passion and proficiency in music signals a vast potential for making a significant impact on the international stage, positioning herself as a standout talent with a promising future ahead.

Her journey as a DJ and music producer has quickly evolved, allowing her to perform alongside renowned artists such as Vintage Culture, Mochakk, John Summit, Ashibah, James Hype, Barja, Cat Dealers and Victor Lou. Furthermore, she participated in renowned festivals such as Carnaval do Bem, Ultra Music Festival (BR), Universo Paralello and One For Us (USA), not to mention clubs around Brazil and in the United States. In the year 2023, the artist embarked on her first international tour, playing around cities such as Las Vegas, Nevada, Tampa and Florida, playing alongside acclaimed artists.

Her career has given her a collection of musical prowess, with releases under significant record labels such as Blaah!, Braslive and HubRecords. In 2021, Carol Fávero reached a milestone in her career by releasing on StereoHype, James Hype’s record label. Later in 2023, she continued to demonstrate her artistic ability with the release of ‘Need It’ under Club Sweat Records, becoming the first Brazilian woman to ever release in the Australian label known for collaborations with Purple Disco Machine and Yolanda Be Cool. This track climbed to number 45 in the tech house category on Beatport, highlighting her expanding influence in the genre.

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