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Hardwell’s Electrifying Rework of ‘Miracle’ by Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding Takes the Spotlight


Hardwell’s Electrifying Rework of ‘Miracle’ by Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding Takes the Spotlight

When the Ultra Music Festival concluded, it left a remarkable impression on the hearts of millions, thanks to Hardwell’s stunning remix of “Miracle” by Calvin Harris. The uplifting trance rendition of the track, featuring Ellie Goulding’s angelic vocals, became the highlight of the event, showcasing Hardwell’s incredible versatility and growth as a producer.

The Evolution of Hardwell: From Big Room Master to Uplifting Trance Virtuoso

Hardwell’s journey began as a big room master, conquering the electronic music scene with his distinctive style. His remix of “Miracle” marks a new chapter in his career, as he ventures into the uplifting trance genre, crafting an unforgettable anthem for Ultra Miami 2023.

The Mesmerizing Blend: Ellie Goulding’s Vocals and Hardwell’s Touch

The original version of “Miracle” by Calvin Harris exhibits a retro electro vibe with a bouncy, pulsating rhythm that embodies the essence of dance music. Ellie Goulding’s vocals perfectly complement the track, creating an enchanting atmosphere. The addition of synths, stuttering melodies, and powerful arpeggios further amplifies the energy.

Hardwell’s uplifting trance remix of “Miracle” introduces a rolling bassline and a dance-inducing bpm, completely transforming the track into a festival anthem. The lyrics projected on stage during his performance further engaged the audience, as they sang along with zeal, mesmerized by the unique rendition of a familiar song.

Ultra Music Festival 2023: A Night to Remember

The backdrop of lasers and the dazzling Miami skyline at night added to the unforgettable experience of Ultra Music Festival 2023. The success of the event has already paved the way for 2024, with tickets now on sale. Ultra has also reached an agreement with the City of Miami to remain at Bayfront Park through 2027.

Hardwell’s remix of “Miracle” is undoubtedly a testament to his continued success, as he dominates 2023 with numerous releases and remixes since his return. His exploration of underground sounds has fans eagerly anticipating what’s next.

Experience the Magic of Hardwell’s Full Ultra Set

To relive the magic of Hardwell’s performance at Ultra Music Festival 2023, you can watch his full set below. The question remains: will this remix of “Miracle” be officially released? Fans can only hope. In the meantime, you can reminisce about the electrifying performance with the video below.

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