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Diplo’s Trippy LA Marathon: A Sub-4 Hour Run Fueled by LSD


Diplo’s Trippy LA Marathon: A Sub-4 Hour Run Fueled by LSD

Renowned DJ and producer Diplo embarked on an extraordinary journey when he decided to participate in the LA Marathon. Fueled by his desire to break personal records and outdo Oprah’s 1994 marathon time, Diplo took on this endeavor under the influence of LSD. The Grammy-winning artist proved that not even boundaries can limit him as he doubled his previous best distance and completed the marathon in under four hours.

Diplo’s Ambitious Marathon Challenge

Diplo, known for his groundbreaking music and remarkable DJ skills, found himself yearning for a new challenge. With a previous record of running only 11 miles in one go, the LA Marathon seemed like the perfect opportunity for Diplo to push his limits. But the challenge came with an unexpected twist, as he decided to run the race under the influence of LSD.

Shattering Records and Surpassing Expectations

Diplo‘s determination and unconventional race strategy paid off, as he not only doubled his personal best distance but also achieved an impressive time. According to Runners World, the 44-year-old completed the marathon in just under four hours. By doing so, he accomplished his goal of beating Oprah’s 1994 marathon record by approximately 34 minutes.

Diplo’s Secret to Success: LSD and Alexi Pappas

In a candid confession, Diplo revealed the secret behind his incredible marathon performance. “My one goal was to beat Oprah’s time and I ate that (sorry oprah),” he said. “The most I ever ran was 11 miles, so I did what any normal person would do and took LSD.” Diplo also expressed gratitude towards Olympic athlete Alexi Pappas, who played a crucial role in helping him maintain the right pace throughout the race.

Celebrating Diplo’s Unconventional Triumph

The world now recognizes Diplo as not only a talented musician but also an ambitious runner who shattered barriers and achieved the unthinkable. His sub-4-hour LA Marathon under the influence of LSD stands as a testament to his unwavering determination and resilience.






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