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Alex Jordan Fuses Old School Gaming Sounds with Modern Beats in ‘SkeeYee Remix’


Alex Jordan Fuses Old School Gaming Sounds with Modern Beats in ‘SkeeYee Remix’

Renowned DJ and producer Alex Jordan is back with a fresh and innovative twist on a viral hit. The latest release, “Sexyy Red – SkeeYee (Alex Jordan DnB Remix)” merges the infectious energy of contemporary viral music with the nostalgic sounds of early PlayStation era gaming.

When asked about his inspiration for the remix, Alex Jordan shared, “I wanted to fuse viral music from today with the gaming music from back in the day. The PlayStation 1 era was a significant influence on this remix.”

As a passionate gamer, Alex drew heavily on his personal experiences with classic games, aiming to incorporate the distinctive audio styles of that time into his music. This remix stands as a testament to his dedication to blending the old with the new, creating a unique soundscape that resonates with both nostalgia and modernity.

The songwriting and recording process for this remix was both meticulous and organic. Alex began with the acapella of Sexyy Red’s viral hit “SkeeYee” and built the track around it by sampling soundtracks from early 2000s PlayStation games. “The drops came naturally; they just felt right,” he explained, emphasizing the intuitive flow of the creative process.

In terms of musical style, Alex describes the remix as his unique take on Drum and Bass. He aimed to create a different song arrangement, ensuring it featured three distinct drops, each intensifying progressively. This structure keeps listeners engaged and enhances the overall listening experience.

Through “SkeeYee” Alex Jordan aims to deliver a powerful message: “I want people to rage to this song! Forget what’s going on around them and just rage!!” The remix is designed to be a cathartic escape, encouraging listeners to immerse themselves fully in the music.

Alex’s approach to this remix highlights his commitment to originality and personal expression. He avoids comparisons to other artists, focusing instead on creating music that feels authentic to him, regardless of genre.

As for future plans, Alex is excited about upcoming projects and performances. “Hopefully, by the end of the year, I’ll be back on the road and touring again!” he shared enthusiastically. In addition to touring, Alex has a new single set for release in late July, featuring the talented artist Aliice. He hinted that this upcoming track will carry a lot of emotion and effort, showcasing his continuous growth as an artist.

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