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Able Grey Makes Piano the Backbone for Melodic Bass Gem, ‘Beauty Fades’


Able Grey Makes Piano the Backbone for Melodic Bass Gem, ‘Beauty Fades’

‘Beauty Fades’ offers solace in the face of one of life’s toughest challenges: romance that lasts a lifetime. Able Grey‘s collaborative effort with male vocalist Hymn and female vocalist Noelle Michelle infuses the theme with a powerful blend of masculine and feminine energies.

Able Grey ‘Beauty Fades’

Opening with a stirring mix of strings and piano, the song gradually builds momentum, culminating in a chorus fueled by a dynamic storm of melodic bass components. As it fades softly into closure, ‘Beauty Fades’ leaves a lasting impression, prompting reflection on the legacy of our romantic connections.

Able Grey, a pioneering force in Chicago’s music scene, skillfully melds genres in his live performances, wielding electronic tools to craft immersive sonic experiences. His eclectic sets, ranging from edits to original compositions, have captivated audiences at renowned festivals like North Coast and Summer Camp Music Festival. With an upcoming appearance at Beyond Wonderland in 2024, Able Grey’s talent has earned recognition from industry giants like Excision and Trap Nation.

Sharing stages with luminaries such as Griz, The Chainsmokers and most recently What So Not, Able Grey’s international success—from Bermuda to Greece—underscores his versatility and sets the stage for future triumphs.

Able Grey : North Coast Music Festival

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