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Trance Heroine TDJ Releases New Song/Video “Come Back Home”


Trance Heroine TDJ Releases New Song/Video “Come Back Home”

First Standalone Single as TDJ Out Now via Diplo’s Higher Ground Label

Phase 1 of Trance Détente Jazz Tour with 20+ Stops Announced

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Watch: TDJ – Come Back Home (Official Music Video)

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FEBRUARY 22, 2024—Today, Montreal-based multi-faceted artist and trance connoisseur TDJ debuts on Diplo’s Higher Ground label with her first-ever standalone single, “Come Back Home.” Alongside the new music also comes a wistful music video directed by Kevin Elamrani-lince. 

A nostalgic, sentimental nod to 00’s trance/Eurodance, “Come Back Home” showcases each dimension of TDJ’s one-woman-show skillset. She writes, produces, and sings on the track in addition to serving as the star of the video. “The song is about past life relationships that somehow resurface,” TDJ explains. “There’s this feeling of chasing after something that gets closer and further away at the same time.” Shot in a desert panorama, the video reflects this feeling, embracing the poetic idea of a quest that lasts forever. 

TDJ is perhaps best known for her boundary-pushing DJ mix/music video crossover trilogy SPF INFINI, a creative audio/visual masterpiece that Pitchfork once described as “a Black Mirror episode about leisure-class narcissists at some dystopian afterparty.” The project, which recently concluded with its final installment, is a testament to her unique approach to her craft. While she portrays a particularly icy character in the SPF INFINI series, her personality shines during her sets in real life, as seen during her performances for Boiler Room and HÖR Berlin

Born and raised in Montreal, TDJ has emerged as a luminary, building worlds composed of melancholy and bittersweet euphoria. She began her music career in the mid-2010s, making emo-tronica under the name RYAN Playground and releasing it via Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs label. In 2020, she reverted back to her roots. Her love of trance and Eurodance started young—she was just ten years old when she stumbled upon a Tiësto CD that would change her life. Since starting the TDJ project, she’s released several EPs, a mixtape, and her SPF INFINI trilogy. 2024 will be her busiest year of touring yet, with a myriad of shows planned for her expansive Trance Détente Jazz Tour, which followed the release of her trance bootleg compilation of the same name. The first stint of the tour will hit Europe, Asia, and Australia before returning to North America for the next phase. 

TDJ Upcoming Tour Dates

February 22 – AVYSS, WWWβ – Tokyo, Japan

February 23 – Shelter – Seoul, South Korea

March 1 – SYSTEM – Shanghai, China

March 2 – Groundless Factory – Beijing, China

March 8 – Antigen, OIL – Shenzhen, China

March 9 – FINAL – Taipei, Taiwan

March 16 – Schron – Poznan, Poland

March 22 – Bau Mich Auf Klub – Berlin, Germany

March 31 – Reperkusound – Lyon, France

April 12 – Virage – Paris, France

April 27 – Printemps de Bourges – Bourges, France

May 4 – Xe54 – Melbourne, Australia

May 5 – Lost Sundays – Sydney, Australia

May 10 – Barbes – Perth, Australia

May 11 – Heyday – Wollongong, New Zealand

May 17 – FUCHS2 – Prague, Czech Republic

May 26 – XXL – Attard, Malta

May 31 – Phonox – London, UK

June 1 – Boiler Room – Toronto, Canada

June 13 – Boiler Room – New York City, USA

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