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Tomorrowland boosts female musical talent in India.


Tomorrowland boosts female musical talent in India.

Tomorrowland is more than a festival, it has always shown interest in social causes and even has educational branches in different parts of the world such as Nepal and Amsterdam.

One of its latest projects is a new organization in India. It is the third music and art school they open, this time in collaboration with Ek Tara (an organization that promotes learning in Hindu childhoods) to foster talent in music.

The organization plans to empower 1,500 low-income women in the city of Kolkata. Its goal is to promote tomorrow’s talent, female empowerment, and confidence in its students.

Some of its main challenges are a lack of English schools, the high cost of private schools, a lack of space to study at home, and a lack of opportunities for dropouts.

It not only seeks musical development but also logical thinking and communication skills. In this way, they will be able to find work more easily and boost their communities.

Currently, their income comes from donations and fundraisers that take place during the largest electronic music festival in the world.

You can make donations to the school and help promote the musical talent of India from here.

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