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“Is It Real?” New Single from NARRKO Released by Mustache Crew Records


“Is It Real?” New Single from NARRKO Released by Mustache Crew Records

Originally from Montreal, Canada, NARRKO is making waves in the music scene with his debut single “Is it real?” released under the Brazilian label Mustache Crew Records. This track not only highlights his talent as a music producer but also promises to captivate a wide audience, resonating with clubgoers and streamers alike.

NARRKO began his journey performing at local events and spending countless hours in recording studios. Over the years, he has honed his craft with a unique mix of passion and precision. The launch of “Is it real?” represents a significant milestone in his career, one that was deeply influenced by a transformative experience—a car accident in 2021—that intensified his dedication to his music.

The single showcases what NARRKO is all about: deep bass, entrancing melodies, and unique vocals that illustrate his knack for blending different musical elements and pushing the boundaries of sound.

Now based in Dubai, NARRKO is poised to expand his influence in the music world. With three more singles scheduled for release under his contract with Mustache Crew Records, the future looks promising for this dynamic DJ and producer.



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