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Discover G-Mafia Records: 7 New Tracks Making Waves


Discover G-Mafia Records: 7 New Tracks Making Waves

Hold onto your hats ’cause G-Mafia Records is dropping seven mind-blowing tracks that’ll grab you by the ears and keep those feet movin’. Each tune is a testament to the wild range of talent and innovation this label’s all about, offering a musical ride like no other.

Rafasan – Honey

Honey is my second of three current tracks on G-Mafia. Rafasan is an alias for House/Techno music producer and DJ Rafi San Inocencio. He began his musical journey in 2010 and has not looked back since. He now owns a recording studio, hosts a radio show, and works closely with award-winning film production companies all while releasing original music and balancing weekly DJ bookings at both nightclubs and music festivals to crowds of 1000+.

Severens: Feel the love

Severens is a talented DJ and producer from Belgium. He is known for his unique style of electronic music and has a loyal fan base. In addition to playing music, he has also made music himself and released it on various labels at home and abroad, including South Africa and Brazil.

In addition, he has also played at various locations abroad, including Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. With his energetic performances and ability to mix different styles and genres of electronic music, he always manages to entertain and inspire audiences.

“Feel The Love” is as much about love on the dance floor as love in everyday life. The track was created on a Monday evening after repeating the day job. there is inspiration from working both during the day and at night.

Frippery – Lysergic

Frippery is an Australian based music producer and Lysergic is the first single from his upcoming EP – Dancing Around A Handbag. Lysergic is a heavy acid tech house banger.

Cooltown & Surge Kush – Celestial Way

Celestial Way – Made by the duo Cooltown & Surge Kush, topping the charts and becoming a staple in the industry and G-Mafia Records

DJ G-String – How

DJ G-String is a rising music artist in Chicago, IL and has been on Beatport Top 100 with four different singles in 2021 & 2022, was selected as one of the Top Ten Dance Artists by ReverbNation. She is a singer, song writer, composer, producer, remixer, DJ, and plays several instruments such as Guitar, Bass, Violin, and Keyboard. With over 1million streams on Spotify, DJ G-String is breaking barriers as an Indie Artist with her style of music and vocal house productions.

I wrote How about having a special person in your life that no matter what you go through they are your HOW. I feel like in my life I have had significant people influence and support me in DJING, Producing, and in my other nerd cybersecurity hacker life. I think How is about just finding a way through all the noise and becoming your best self.


Verahesa – Sad DJ

Based in Mexico City, Verahesa is a DJ/Producer who wants to share his passion and energy with his followers. Verahesa is known for his energetic DJ sets, transmitting his energy on the dance floor, always building tension and keeping the crowd engaged every second.

Verahesa has a unique sound which is both energetic and powerful, where he is always looking to mark a difference on the scene.

Sad Dj is aTech House track with a powerful leading bassline, rhythmic percussions and a dark atmosphere that generates an unforgettable experience for those who are at the dance floor.

Sad DJ’s bassline is the driving force of the track, it has a relentless and powerful pulse that propels the music forward. It’s gritty, aggressive, and perfectly tuned to create a sense of urgency on the dance floor. The sound is so intense that you can feel it in your chest, creating a physical connection between the music and the listener.

Cooltown – Hawkeye

Hawkeye is Track 2 of the Last Of The Mohicans EP, a Melodic Techno record featuring driving basslines, groovy drums and the signature Cooltown style.

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